Pet Taxi


Pet taxi in Rishton and the surrounding areas.

If you have trouble finding time to get your pet to that special appointment, whether it’s pampering at the parlour or the dreaded vets visit, we can transport them safely.

Prices are shown per trip, where we remain in custody of your pet. For example, if we take your doggie to day care in the morning and go back to pick them up in the evening, this is classed as 2 trips.  If I take your pet to the vets, stay with them for a brief consultation and bring them home, this is classed as 1 trip.




Vet visits, boarding kennel visits, grooming parlour visits, Doggy Day care run.

£8 under 5 mile trip, £11 under 10 mile trip.


Prices negotiable for multiple trips, trips over 10 miles or longer than 30 minutes duration.


" Taxi for one "