Dog Walking


All dogs need exercise, no matter how big or how small. Whilst you are at work, a short blast of fresh air and exercise will make them even happier to see you at the end of a long day. Making the time you spend together with them even more rewarding.

Walks can be tailored to suit your dog’s needs, toys will ensure they get the most exercise possible during their walk. Being socialised in a group is natural for every dog, but if you prefer to keep them on their own this can be arranged. Dogs can be walked in familiar surroundings from their own home, or they can be transported in the ‘pet taxi’ to a new exciting place to give them even more pleasure on their walk.



Socialising Walks

It’s healthy for your dog to interact with other dogs, they learn social skills, have fun together and get more exercise.

One to one walks

Can be arranged if you would like your dog to be walked alone.




1 hour walks – suitable for bigger dogs £9.00

30 mins – smaller dogs or older dogs £6


If you would like your dog to run free with the pack, your dog should have good recall and an off lead consent form must be signed by you.


puppy visits

Before they have their vaccinations and are allowed outside, puppies need attention and interaction. The aim is to keep your puppy content whilst you are out of the house.





30 mins – play, interaction £7


A tailor-made care package can be put together for you and your pet if you require a different care service – call me to discuss both your needs.


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